Basic Theme in Progress

I now have an idea for a basic theme to use, at least until I have time to make something more interesting. This gets me started looking into the CSS used on the site, and adjusting the styling to fit my designs. It’s still a lengthy process; I have to go piece by piece, find out how everything is styled, and make any necessary changes, all while hoping I don’t unchange something I previously changed. I also have to test various situations, which brings up the real reason for this post. I need to see how it looks with multiple news posts so I can make sure it looks alright.

Website Rebuild

I have decided to rebuild my website yet again–completely!

So what brings me to this point? Well, several things really. For some time, I’ve been wanting to redesign my site, and experimented with several new layouts and looks, but nothing really worked well with what I intended. My site was also built on CMS Made Simple, which I kept forgetting to update until various components broke or updating became too much of a challenge to do it properly. The final issue was I wanted to switch to a new web hosting company, VeeroTech Hosting. The hosting company switch is what finally brought about this complete rebuild.

This website is now build on WordPress, one of the most commonly used content management systems. It works slightly different from what I’ve previously used, but I can figure it out. Now begins the tedious parts: creating a new theme, and adding content. You can expect both to be happening slowly over the next few months or so. Enjoy!