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I am Ben Hinks. I first created my website over twenty years ago, originally as an AOL page for a couple years, and then on this domain ever since. My website has been in various states of construction and completeness during that time, with this probably being the simplest design.

Why do I have my own website? As I have changed over the years, so too have my reasons. During the late '90s and early '00s, this website was a place for me to hone my skills with various web technologies, and a platform to show off some of the more interesting things I was able to accomplish. Then there was a period of time from the late '00s and to the mid '10s when my website became more of a testbed for playing with web frameworks and more professional uses. I also believed that any random person like me who wanted to post their drivel to the Internet should be willing to pay for the priviledge. I still feel that way, although social media has made that opinion a lost cause. At this point, the primary reason for my website, and more specifically for having my own domain, is for email. Properly used, I will know if a company sold my email address, in addition to numerous security benefits. My reasons for having my own website may eventually change again, but I have found that having the website has always been extremely useful.

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